She’s back….


Wow, it’s been a while since I reported in on the blog. I’m sorry. Things have a way of falling off of the plate┬ásometimes, especially when one moves 8000+ miles and takes on a new (and overwhelming) day job.


I have missed writing and sharing thinking about education, and miss some of the great emails I received from folks who read what I shared. And so, now that the chaos of moving and settling has passed by, it’s time to get on to gettin’ on with writing. ­čÖé

Short version of the past several months:┬áAfter my last post in March, I began closing shop in Singapore and preparing for a major relocation to San Diego. My husband and I took an incredible voyage across SouthEast Asia together. I got a new MINI. I found a great home in San Diego. I landed at a fantastic school and have been hard at work getting to know the people within the school, how the school works, and beginning to find my place in the system. While it’s been all kinds of wonderful, it has been all kinds of BUSY.

The long version of the past several months… well, that’s for another time and place… ┬á­čÖé

While traveling over the holiday season, I spent a fair bit of time reflecting back over the past few months and thought a lot about the battle to find time for doing all of the things I needed and wanted to do. That reflection has surfaced an interesting question: When you are a person who enjoys their work and also enjoys a wide variety of other endeavors, how do you squeeze it all in?

Up until this year, I had no problem making room and time for all of the things I wanted to do. I’ve found, however, that this relocation really put things out of balance in so many ways. As part of my reflective process, I tracked how I spent my time for the months of November and December to identify chinks in the armor. The result? I found myself spending more than 60 hours a week working… not such a┬áhealthy balance. This left me with tiny chunks of time here and there that I somehow filled by spending a bit too much time online with social media and just reading the news. As a result of the analysis and reflection, moving forward, I’m limiting my online time and I am going to keep work within reasonable parameters. This should open up time for┬áthe other things in my life that I love to do, including writing!

Note: WordPress has a horrid comment function that allows spam-tastic-ness to happen. So, I won’t be checking comments. If you’d like to engage about anything written here, please contact me via email: laurynnevans (at) yahoo (dot) com.