Happy New Year

September heralds the start of a  new school year. And so… I’d like to wish a very Happy New Year to all of my educator friends out there!

I love using that expression to welcome colleagues and students – Happy New Year. The connotation of “Happy New Year” as compared to “welcome back” imparts a different, more positive, kind of energy. Think about January 1 each year, with the excitement, celebration, and joy that it brings. People set goals and make resolutions. People reflect and celebrate. People become aspirational. Who wouldn’t want that kind of feeling at their school when the academic year starts?

Celebrating the people and work that got the school year off to a successful start and clearly articulating the vision and goals for the school sets a great tone. Welcoming newcomers to the community is another integral element of a solid start. Providing connection between what has happened and where the school is going brings your new people alongside the work, and helps them feel like a contributor. Inevitably, there is always need-to-know nuts and bolts, but finding ways to reduce the inevitable “administravia” during the back-to-school weeks helps.

How might you make your start of year celebratory, visionary, and aspirational?

Happy New Year!