The Promise of 3D Printing

During my daily perusal of articles, books, and interesting talks, I stumbled across this incredible presentation by Avi Reichental about 3D printing. His premise? 3D printing will not just catapult us into the future – it will actually provide us with deeper connection to our pasts. The case he makes is a solid one. The promise of 3D printing to afford all people access to customized products, be they custom printed joints for their knees, or sunglasses that fit them perfectly, or even perfect foods, is a radical game-changer.

3D printers are making high end production shoes, teeth, sunglasses, knee replacements, guitars, cakes, and even prosthetic devices that are custom-conformed to one’s body and even go so far as to allow paralyzed persons to once again walk. The revolution is real, and it is here.

It is becoming clear that 3D printing will become a part of our daily life the way the smartphone or the internet has. As such, as teachers and educators, those in schools have an obligation to foster maker-mindsets into their students, and expose students to the tools and processes involved in 3D printing.

How will 3D printing change YOUR life?