Consulting Services and Speaking Engagements

Laurynn is available to work with schools, professional learning communities, and individuals in both public and private/independent school settings.  She is adept at crafting meaningful professional learning experiences for groups and individuals that help schools proactively respond to our rapidly changing educational landscape.

Successful schools today do not operate in a static, top-down environment – they constantly scan the horizon to see what is coming, and they rely on building consensus to get the important work of teaching and learning done. While we know this is the right approach in today’s world, it is oftentimes much more difficult to achieve than one might think. That’s where Laurynn comes in – she is highly skilled in crafting collaborative, inclusive processes that involve all stakeholders in crafting a vision and a roadmap to implement it. If your school is considering making a change of direction, seeking a vision, or undertaking strategic planning work, you will benefit from Laurynn’s expertise. If you have faculty or leaders who want to improve their craft, Laurynn can provide 1:1 or small group coaching to move their practice ahead by leaps and bounds. Feel free to contact Laurynn via email to discuss services, rates, and dates.

Several references are available for consultation if/as requested.

Laurynn offers a broad range of services, including:

  • Executive coaching services for school leaders – 1:1 individual sessions aimed toward cultivating a reflective practice to help school leaders improve how they do what they do. Former clients have shared that this is by far the best professional development they have ever received. All school leaders should have regular coaching!
  • Reflective coaching practice for classroom teachers – 1:1 or small group sessions designed to help develop processes for teachers to peer observe, video observe, and self-reflect so as to provide appropriate, timely feedback aimed at improving craft.
  • Vision-setting work for school teams. Where is your school going? What is the unapologetic vision for your school? Don’t know? That’s ok – a lot of schools get caught in this trap. Through a one or two day session, we can define your school’s vision and purpose, as well as determine how to communicate that to the broader community.
  • Protocol development and implementation for PLCs and other collaborative groups (CFGs, etc). You have a PLC, so now what? We can design a one day or multi-day (spread out over time) approach to help your PLC be effective, student focused, and continuously improving. Most groups operate best once they have clear norms, good processes, and structure. Let Laurynn help your PLC run at full speed!
  • Facilitating groups to craft a vision and/or mission for your school. Are you about to start your accreditation self-study, or you are trying to clarify the purpose and goal for your school community? We can craft a customized approach to help your team accomplish this important work.
  • Strategic planning work, self-study work, and accreditation reporting. These are all important facets of an effective school, and yet all too often they are not broadly understood and there is not broad inclusion of the community in the work. Let Laurynn help you develop a comprehensive process to accomplish the work while bringing your entire team on board.
  • Design Thinking, Maker Space, and Making related consulting services. We are seeing the incredible impact of this field on student outcomes, and yet, many schools struggle to implement effective design practices among their faculty and with their students. Laurynn has extensive experience in helping groups determine the underlying philosophy or “why” for their use of design thinking. She can also help your school/group determine everything from curricular concerns to physical space design. Finally, Laurynn is able to help you roadmap your implementation so that you feel confident and capable implementing this shift in instruction for your students.
  • General and specific curriculum training. Laurynn is well versed in metacognitive strategies, best-practices pedagogy, personalized learning, 21st century strategies, visible thinking, visible learning, Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop, assessment strategies, block schedule teaching strategies, and several other specific instructional approaches. She is happy to craft effective professional development aimed at improving instructional outcomes for your students and faculty.
  • Session presenter and conference speaker. Laurynn has presented sessions at numerous conferences both nationally and internationally including ASCD, Learning Forward, NAIS, STLinSTL, EARCOS, and NASSP on a broad range of educational topics ranging from leadership to specific instructional strategies.
  • Strengths Based Leadership. Discovering and applying your strengths to your daily work in schools leads to improved results for everyone. Learn how to do this in a 1:1 or small group format.

Feel free to contact Laurynn Evans via email to discuss your needs, rates, dates, and other information.