Who is Laurynn Evans?

Who is LHE

Hi. I’m Laurynn Evans.

I have over two decades of work in public, private, and international schools, serving in a variety of roles ranging from classroom teacher to Superintendent of Schools. These experiences mean that I understand the science and craft of education from a multitude of perspectives and it helps me help others think about the big questions in education from a variety of angles.

  • Superintendent of North Kitsap School District in Washington State (public school system, approximately 6000 students)
  • Francis Parker School, San Diego – Assistant Head of School (independent PreK-12th grade coeducational day school, approximately 1300 students)
  • Singapore American School – Executive Director of Talent Development and Human Resources (international PreK-12th grade coeducational day school, approximately 4000 students)
  • Lake Washington School District, WA State – Middle School Principal for local middle school as well as for a “choice program” school, eg a small charter-like school within the LWSD (public school system, responsible for total population of 800 students, district was 25,000 students at that time)
  • Mukilteo School District, WA State – High School Assistant Principal
  • Issaquah School District, WA State – Dean of Students, classroom teacher, coach
  • Plano Independent School District, TX – classroom teacher, coach

I like that there has been no such thing as “a boring day at work” over the course of my career. I have taken on a wide range of duties including overseeing the implementation of the academic components in a very ambitious strategic plan, overseeing the launch of a school’s two design centers, incorporating design thinking into the curriculum and work of the school, clarifying and refining the scope/sequence of the PreK-12 curriculum, coordinating the integration of technology benchmarks and learnings into the PreK-12 curriculum, developing and implementing a student support services program, providing coaching for both faculty and leadership team members, overseeing all faculty recruitment and hiring, mentor and support incoming faculty,  provide professional learning, and leading major change initiatives. In all of these endeavors, I was commended for my approachable, servant-leadership style, my willingness to openly mentor and support colleagues, building consensus for important decisions, strategic restorative thinking, and my relentless focus on what I deemed “the north star”, which of course were the students whose lives were impacted by the work of the adults around them.

As a classroom teacher in three different schools that were located in Texas and in Washington State, my evaluators referred to me as “the jack of all trades” which meant I usually had a rather interesting teaching load and it also sometimes meant that I worked with notoriously challenging kids (and adults). During those years I taught students who were highly gifted, students who had incredible learning challenges, students who had everything, and students who had nothing. I am thankful for those early experiences as they showed me some vital lessons, most notably, that all kids  (and even adults) really can learn when they are afforded the opportunity to explore what they find to be interesting and are given the chance to cultivate meaningful relationships with adults and peers.

I obtained my Doctorate from Seattle Pacific University in January 2009. I completed a full quantitative study for my dissertation, the topic of which was “Situated Megacognitive Strategy Use,” hence my strong interest in the concept of reflective assessment, reflective practice, and metacognitive strategy use in classrooms from PreK – 12th grade.  I  maintain active credentials to be a school superintendent, school administrator/principal, and classroom teacher in Washington State, as well as teaching credentials in the State of Texas. I am constantly seeking out new learning opportunities, be it via formal or informal means. I truly “walk the talk” when it comes to life-long learning.

When I’m not working on educationally related things, you will most likely find me indulging in cultural adventures or enjoying a “foodie” dinner with my incredible husband, Rob. We’ve had the great fortune to travel all over the world and we are always seeking our next adventure. You also might very well find me out in the ocean blue or in holes filled with water – I am an avid, technically trained scuba diver who is equally happy filming pretty fishes on coral reefs or exploring deep shipwrecks or underground water-filled caves. My diving hobby has turned into a small business named Seainggreen Productions, and you can see some of my diving video work on my Vimeo channel. I also enjoy motorcycle riding, road trips, and hiking.

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