Greetings from Baltimore!


Greetings from Baltimore, home of the #NAISAC 2017! Today, Tuesday, is the day before the conference officially opens. The NAIS team has been hard at work – banners are up, informational signs are in place, and in general, the convention center appears to be ready for the influx of independent school educators who will soon fill these halls. It promises to be a great conference. I will be writing a couple of posts each day to share my experience, so please do check back!


I have already seen several friends and colleagues, and I know I will have the pleasure of seeing many more in the days ahead. Tomorrow is the pre-conference day and there are several sessions available for those who have registered. I have had the good fortune to be selected as an Aspiring Heads Fellow, and tomorrow will be the capstone of this year-long (incredible) learning journey. I am so thankful to NAIS, the EE Ford Foundation, and my incredible mentor, Ronnie Codrington-Cazeau. I have been matched up with successful school heads to learn about how they do what they do, and it has helped improve my current leadership practice enormously. I look forward to seeing how these lessons continue to impact the work that I do in the future. If you are thinking about school leadership, you should consider applying for the Fellowship program!


The conference center and the conference hotel overlook Camden Yards – quite a neat sight to behold from the hotel room when I checked in. The historic harbor front is just a few short blocks from the hotel and convention center.